A Short Biography of Shams Malik!

Shams Malik is one of the most senior and well-known journalists of Pakistan. Being a daring and dauntless journalist, he always met boldly with hardships. He was indeed a standard bearer of justice and truth in the field of journalism. He worked in many newspapers including Zamindar, Manshoor, Ehsan, Aafaq, Taqat, Kohistan, Nawaiwaqt and others.

He was born in Panjlasa (a small village of Tehsil NarainGarh, District Ambala), India on August, 1920. He belonged to an educated family of East Punjab. After completing his graduation from AliGarh University in 1940, he was appointed as Editor of the university journal. There he studied with the most prominent personalities of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent like Zarafatullah, Justice Nusrat Hasan, Justice Molvi Mushtaq and Molvi Irfan Ahmad Ansari etc.


The Pride of Performance Award
The President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan presents "The Pride of Performance Award" to Mr. Shams Malik (Late) for his phenomenal services in the field of journalism. Mr. Anwar Malik, son of Mr. Shams Malik received the award from Governor Punjab Mr. Latif Khosa at Governor's House.